What Is Clipping Path Service- Your 6 Essential Photo Editing Services

Today, businesses are quickly adopting this photo editing as e-commerce is continuously being embraced. Most people are opting for online businesses as it is cheaper for the business and easier to access for the customer. Images of products have to be very attractive to attract a bigger customer base. There are several photo editing services that have been adopted by business the main one being clipping path services. They include:

  1. Clipping Path Service.

This is the process of creating an outline around the object in the image you want to appear while the rest of the image is manipulated and becomes transparent. The tool used to do this is an adobe photoshop pen. This process basically removes the background of an image.Clipping path is used graphic design where huge images are required.Many companies are giving photo clipping services with one of the most popular being Clipping path Asia.

  1. Neck joint service.(Ghost mannequin).

Neck joint service is used on garments. It effectively shows clothing without bulges or flaws.The part of the model is not seen. Two or three photographs of a garment are taken. This includes the back, front, inner shots etc. A model’s picture wearing the garment is taken. After that, the inner shot is used to create the neck part as parts of the model are cut or removed from the picture. The complete image of the product is created. These images are common in e-commerce websites’ like Amazon.

  1. Photoshop color correction.

Color correction of images is very necessary after capturing a photo.There are times when we capture a photo, the color changes slightly due to different factors including the lighting. Therefore,any image that is used to advertise a product or in photography must have its color corrected to bring back the exact image color of the object. This photo editing service is used to make pictures more attractive. See more.

  1. Background removal service.

As the name suggests,background removal is a photo editing service that removes the background from the image. It is different from the clipping path service which creates a path around the object of an image and the background appears to be erased completely. Background removal service can be used to get rid of the unwanted background and replace it with a more attractive background.

  1. Image masking.

This is a type of photo editing where a specific part of image layer is maskedor hidden temporarily. The mask differentiates the visible pixels from the invisible pixels. The mask has black areas which hide the layer while the white areas reveal the layer. Masking is a good method of photo editing since it is not destructive as it does not erase the pixels of the graphics.

This is making minute alterations to an image to make it more attractive and has aperfect look.Product image retouching is used to remove scratches,remove the shadow of flash,improve the brightness of an image and skin retouching.

Whichever photo editing service you use, it is important to ensure the image produced is of quality. Chooses a photo editing service provider that delivers good work. More details at http://www.misterclippingpaths.com/